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Tile floors take a beating over time, and they pick up dirt and debris more noticeably than other flooring types. Ensure your tile stays in excellent functional and aesthetic condition with regular tile and grout cleaning from the experts.

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Better Ceramic Tile, LLC is a leading floor tile cleaner in Clovis, CA!

We specialize in bringing tile floors back to life with professional tile and grout cleaning services. Here are some of the types of flooring we clean:

Terra cotta

Since terra cotta tiles have no glaze, they’re good at picking up and storing dirt and grime incredibly quickly. We use a special solution to remove dirt and ingrained soiling and keep the pH level of the floor alkaline, to keep tile floors looking their best.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for grout cleaning – it all depends on how stubborn the stains in your grout can be. As the expert floor grout cleaner in Clovis, CA, dirty grout is no match for us. No matter how dirty, we get grout sparkling clean using a progressive approach that keeps grout in excellent condition.


Porcelain tile floors require a gentle approach whether polished or unpolished. We have a special cleaning solution for glazed porcelain tile, getting it completely clean without using bleach or ammonia.


We extend the lifespan of ceramic tile floors with a cleaning method that improves your tiles’ overall appearance. Our gentle approach prevents scratches and scuffs that can damage ceramic tile during DIY jobs.


We use a pH-neutral detergent and a professional touch when cleaning beautiful marble tiles. You’ll have peace of mind that your investment is protected as we bring marble tiles back to shiny-new condition.


Pebble tech floors require an intensive cleaning since dirt and debris can get caught in the grooves. Our pH-neutral solution keeps your floor looking its best after a thorough cleaning.

Natural stone

Tile floors made with natural stone require extra special care. We use a specially formulated pH-neutral cleaner during our natural stone cleaning process, ensuring a spotless clean with no streaking or discoloring.

Travertine Dirty
Travertine Cleaned

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Better Ceramic Tile, LLC can bust through even the toughest dirt and grime that’s affecting the appearance of your tile floors. Call us today at 559-299-2878 to schedule your cleaning!