Is your tile
clean or dirty?

Floor Tile Grout Cleaner in Clovis, CA

Better Ceramic Tile, LLC is a floor grout and tile cleaning service serving the greater Clovis, CA area. With over 50 years of experience dealing with these surfaces, we know what it takes to clean tile floors gently yet effectively, preserving their condition and enhancing their appearance. Don’t spend hours scrubbing—call us today for a deep clean you can enjoy in your kitchen, bath or beyond.

Hassle-Free Tile and Grout Cleaning in Clovis, CA

No one likes spending hours hunched over a tile floor, scrub brush in-hand, trying to remove spots and stains from these surfaces! Better Ceramic Tile, LLC are the pros when it comes to cleaning tile floors. We can transform virtually any tile floor from dirty and drab to sparkling clean.

Keep your pets and your family healthy with regular cleanings done by our professional, experienced team.
Not only do we have a deep understanding of appropriate cleaning methods for various common types of household tiles, we also have specially formulated solutions and floor tile grout cleaner to keep floors throughout Clovis, CA looking their best. We have the capability to clean just about any type of tile, including beautiful terra cotta and durable porcelain and ceramic. Our gentle touch is perfect for floors that need specialty cleaning, including marble and natural stone.

Beyond restoring the sparkle and shine to your tiled surfaces, there are many other reasons to get your tile and grout professionally cleaned. It extends their lifespan, meaning you won’t have to deal with costly replacement. We know how to use a gentle approach to cleaning without any reduction in effectiveness, preserving the condition of both tile and grout. Grout and tile cleaning is also good for your health—but only if it’s done by the professionals. It’s not just dirt and grime that build up within grout lines and on tile, but also harmful bacteria. Keep your pets and your family healthy with regular cleanings done by our professional, experienced team.

Instead of spending the time, energy and effort it takes to clean tile and grout, turn to the pros at Better Ceramic Tile, LLC. We’ll leave you with results that speak for themselves.

We’re experts at cleaning Pebble Tec or epoxy stone flooring!

  • We take a progressive approach to grout cleaning, cutting through years of buildups.
  • We use pH-neutral cleaners to preserve the appearance of natural stone and marble floors.
  • We use a special approach to terra cotta tiles, safeguarding them from acid staining.
  • We have specialized cleaners for glazed porcelain tile that preserves their shiny finish.

Restore the Appearance of Your Floors

Better Ceramic Tile, LLC is proud to use our 50 years of experience to keep tile floors and grout throughout Clovis, CA beautiful and sparkling clean. Reach out today to learn more about our process or schedule your cleaning.

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